How interesting is this article? It expresses the positive points about audiobooks. Children and adults, alike, both can enjoy the pleasures of a great audiobook. Not only can you hear the story but can read along with the book, as well.

When a reader struggles with reading they can miss the connection to the story itself through the struggle but when hearing a story out loud can allow for a better connection to the story.

Everyone has different reading levels and interpretations of story books. Audiobooks benefit with helping learn how to read, communicate, educate, and story tell. Audiobooks help the stories come “alive”, in a sense. It helps gives the reader a vision of the actual story that they are hearing. Audiobooks are a fantastic way to help read and tell the story.
Educators like Mary Ann Scheuer, who has taught with and promoted audiobooks in the classroom sees how exposing kids to the spoken word via rich stories improves literacy.
~KQED Mindshift

Key Takeaways:

Listening to audiobooks can help improve a child’s literacy.
By listening to stories, children can focus on connecting with the narrator and storyline instead of struggling to read the words.
Listening to audiobooks can also help children increase their vocabularies.
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