One woman has a story to tell regarding her daughter and reading skills overall. Reading problems tend to focus on a few issues that limit their abilities on the whole. The education of young children is always important to anyone who wants to see them move forward. Reading skills are being made a goal for educators in the school system.

A recent British study of 60,000 children showed that one in 10 girls had severe reading difficulties by age 10. Meanwhile, 19% scored poorly in comprehension tests. It was noted that the focus schools often place on helping boys to improve their reading skills may mean that girls sometimes get overlooked.
~Julie McGuire

Reading to and with our children is important.

Parents around the world can likely sympathize with that kind of problem. Their students are facing their own unique challenges when it comes to educational problems. Follow how the stories of these students tend to unfold as they advance in school. Their reading problems could be addressed by new educational techniques now being employed.

Key Takeaways:

Around one in ten girls have trouble reading at their level.
Read with your daughter. Pick books she would like and keep it short.
Remember to ask probing questions, because comprehension is important to enjoying reading.
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