Parenting is never easy. As parents, you need to make sure that you are able to provide all the things your children need. The parents always weigh the consequences of every decision they make for their children. It's not easy raising children, what more if these children have special needs? For the parents of children with learning disorders like ADHD, they need to be able to understand exactly what their child needs.

Why do children act out?

When an ADHD child is not given the right attention, this may lead to conflict with the people they interact with. Children with ADHD often suffer from communicating exactly how they feel. The parents are the first person who must be able to communicate with them the right way so as to avoid any confrontational situations for their children whenever they are outside of their home.
In other words, he jumped to conclusions based on very little data and he wasn’t oriented toward being reflective or considered in his approach to the reading process, just like he wasn’t being thoughtful on the bus or with his parents.

Key Takeaways:

Poor judgment and poor reading comprehension may be related in children
Children can be taught to read signals and clues
Practice with reading signals improves judgment, comprehension and behavior management skills
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