Follow an interview with a leading professor on the history of reading itself. Reading has actually changed to a certain extent over the years too. People in the 18th century began reading as a personal hobby in their homes. That followed the rise of leisure literature and some of the related books that people enjoy.

Reading really took hold in Germany in the late eighteenth century,” Tucker said. “The number of people who read for pleasure and entertainment was rapidly growing.
~Brian Tucker

People once thought reading was dangerous.

It wasn’t long before governments started to decide that reading itself was dangerous. That imposed strict laws and rules for some people around the world as well. A debate has followed about reading itself and what that could mean for many communities. People want to join the discussion at Wabash College when they get a chance.

Key Takeaways:

Follow a discussion about reading as it has changed over the years. The proliferation of reading material has changed perspectives on writing itself.
Take the perspective of many countries where reading is now standard practice. That is a recent change and people want to see what options now take place.
Reading hasn’t always been an option that people could explore for themselves. Only with new publication techniques could readers find the right material.
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