Social media is easily accessible these days. It can be accessed through personal computers, laptops, and even your own cellphones. Like anything, it has its advantages and this advantages. One biggest disadvantage of Social Media being easily accessible is the distraction it can cause to the students if it is not properly managed. 
An added problem is that diversions prevent learners from fully engaging in their work on a deep level and their learning curve takes a sharp dive. As result, these students often have to take the additional time to relearn the information at a later date – if they don’t want their grades to suffer.
~Dr. Erica Warren

Teachers can integrate social media into classroom and homework assignments.

Key Takeaways:

Teachers are keeping up with the times by adding social media to their classrooms.
Because of the use of social media in the classroom, the pitfalls are also being taught so that it is not misused.
Teachers are always finding the right balance of technology and classroom studies.
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