A bedtime story program has caught the attention of the news media. The program has volunteers sit down with children to read bedtime stories when possible. Read about the effort being made to provide some company to children in the shelters. There is one group working in East Harlem for displaced families now in need.

The point of doing this is to help bring literacy out of the school and into the home, where they feel comfortable and to help reading be something fun and engaging.
~Ronya Gordo

Literacy is imperative as many Americans cannot read.

There are now 32 million Americans unable to read at the basic level. That makes the reading program that much more important for young people overall. They can follow along with the story to understand the details whenever possible too. Young people have signaled that they appreciate the reading program to its fullest.

Key Takeaways:

There is a “bedtime stories” program which offers evening reading time with children in shelters.
There is a “bedtime stories” program which offers evening reading time with children in shelters.
The volunteers don’t always come from similar backgrounds but the storylines can help unite both the volunteers and those living in the shelter.
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