Winston Chen is an author and dyslexia advocate. His latest app, Voice Dream Writer, is available for all iOS devices. In this free video podcast for Go Dyslexia, Dr Erica Warren talks with Winston Chen about the features and advantages of his new Voice Dream Writer app, and how it can help people with dyslexia.

Highlights features of the Voice Dream app for ipad or iphone and how it would be helpful for those with dyslexia.

The Voice Dream Writer app has a number of different writing-related features; it features dictation and voice-to-text functionality. It also features proof-reading, including reading the words aloud and helps finding words by featuring both phonetic and meaning searches. In addition, Voice Dream writer has an outline function that helps organize ideas when writing.
“Voice Dream Writer helps individuals find the right words through phonetic search or meaning search. For example, search for “inuf,”, and you will find “enough”, or search for “large balloon” by meaning and you will find ‘zeppelin.'”
~Dr. Erica Warren

Key Takeaways:

Voice Dream Writer is an iOS app that has many writing-related features.
The app provides services like proofreading, voice to text, word definition lookups, and more.
Listen to the vodcast with Winston Chen, developer of the app, to find out more.

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