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Education / Oct 21, 2015
Harnessed well, right brain dominance is a strength. But run amuck it can cause difficulty. Learn to work well as a right brained individual.Read more
Dysgraphia / Oct 20, 2015
Cursive handwriting is fast becoming a lost art. Some schools are declaring it antiquated and unnecessary. That's a big mistake. Cursive handwriting is an important way to connect the language...Read more
Dysgraphia / Oct 19, 2015
For the mixed dominant learning Brain balancing is an essential exercise. When you can also incorporate handwriting skills it's a double win. This simple exercise does both. Handwritng skills are a...Read more
Parenting / Oct 18, 2015
Take this tip from productivity experts and apply it to helping your child become a better and more efficient learner. Add in the benefit of affirmations and you have a win. These small successes...Read more
Parenting / Oct 17, 2015
For the struggling learner, homework time can be the worst part of the day. Parents struggle with children to get homework done. This simple trick can change the mood and help a child feel more ready...Read more
Parenting / Jul 11, 2015
Is your child actually experiencing pain while learning? The answer may be surprising. Find out what you can do to stop it.Read more
Dyslexia / Aug 31, 2014
We hear you and understand your troubles. Trust us: dealing with a child with dyslexia is manageable. Here are 10 simple strategies.Read more