Common Core State Standards were introduced as a means to ensure every state was working with key curriculum standards. Common Core Reading Standards has not caused much controversy. The biggest target are the Common Core Math Standards at the high school level.

Common core creates dissension among educators and parents

Common Core Seen Falling Short in High School Math by Liana Heitin makes the following points about the Common Core.

  • There has been difference of opinion between parents, administrators, and the government since the Common Core was made standard practice.
  • The point of the program was to place every state on the same playing field.
  • Disagreements are on mathematics.
  • Test scores have fallen since its release.
  • Opponents believe the standards are too high.

It will ultimately be up to the states that adopted the curriculum. Some states have already dropped it. Meeting in the middle is better than doing away with it, entirely.

The Common Core has many educators deciding on its efficacy

The amount of standards in algebra courses is said to have decreased from 70 to 30. Several experts suggest the standards have suffered because the review process had been rushed.

The standards will almost certainly be revisited. Even the critics hope that they will be revised rather than abandoned.

High school standards for the Common Core are not being met

At the high school level, Common Core Math Standards are seen as being incomplete.

Some educators believe they:

  • Do not cover enough information. 
  • Are not suitably preparing high school students for college-level math courses.

Other critics say: 

  • They are covering too much content.
  • Students are being taught in a vague and unclear way.

Key Takeaways:

Common Core Math Standards at the high-school level have received much criticism
The creators of the Common Core Math Standards say that they were rushed during the drafting process.
Some critiques claim that these are the best standards in the US to date. They believe they should not be scrapped.

Many educators say Common Core Math Standards are worth retaining.

The Common Core aims to change mathematics instruction by either:

  • Emphasizing “focus” 
  • Teaching fewer topics more thoroughly

The standards will almost certainly be revisited. Even the critics hope that they will be revised rather than abandoned.

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