Common Core State Standards were introduced as a means to ensure every state was working with key curriculum standards. However, it has caused hefty controversy and criticism after a decline in math test scores. 

Common Core: Standardizing Subjects

The Common Core program was created to standardize the way subjects are taught, essentially putting every state on the same playing field. One of Common Core's most prominent goals is to emphasize focus -- essentially, teaching fewer topics, and doing it more thoroughly than before.

However, opinions between parents, administrators, and the government have differed on Common Core as a whole and how effective it is.  

While its reading standards have not caused much controversy, many believe that its math standards are hurting students more than helping. 

Is Common Core failing at math?

The detractors may have a point: math test scores have fallen since Common Core's release, with opponents believing the standards are too high.

Of course, the true fault of Common Core is hard to determine, as parties disagree on what the root of the issues are. Some educators believe the system does not cover enough information, and doesn't suitably prepare high school students for college-level math courses.

On the other hand, some critics believe Common Core covers too much content in a compressed amount of time, giving students information overload. And because the information is so rushed, the lessons have to be taught in a vague and unclear way.

Math test scores have fallen since Common Core's release, with opponents believing the standards are too high.

A rushed review process

Part of the issue may be the amount of time put into Common Core before it was even released. The amount of standards in algebra courses is said to have decreased from 70 to 30, and several experts suggest the standards have suffered because the review process was rushed.

In fact, at the high school level, Common Core Math Standards are seen as being incomplete. Common Core being pushed out too quickly may be a major reason why it doesn't seem to work for everyone.

With this in mind, the standards will almost certainly be revisited. Even the critics hope that they will be revised rather than abandoned, as the success of its reading standards have shown there is merit.

Key Takeaways:

Common Core Math Standards at the high-school level have received much criticism
The creators of the Common Core Math Standards say that they were rushed during the drafting process.
Even critics hope the standards will be revisited and revised, not scrapped completely.

Ultimately, it will be up to the states that adopted the curriculum on whether or not they decide to continue. In fact, some states have already dropped it due to the negative pushback, while others have tried to meet in the middle by using standards as a guideline without adopting them fully.

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