Living With Dyscalculia

What do you know about dyscalculia? This is a learning disability which is believed to be genetic. In fact, this means that it can be acquired from relatives or more importantly family members like your parents. It is much more than just being bad at math like most people might believe that it is.
It involves being bad with numbers in a similar way that someone with dyslexia works with language. This can include math as well as the issue in mixing up the numbers. Again, this can include telling time or numbers in their head or mentally is. It is hard to even picture numbers. To learn more about this learning difficulty, watch this video.
“Dyscalculia is not just being bad at math. Yes it does involve being bad with numbers and that sort of thing but it’s somewhat like dyslexia but with numbers instead of letters”

Key Takeaways:

Dyscalculia is not only having difficulty in math.
Dyscalculia often occurs with other learning difficulties.
People who have dyscalculia are usually very creative.