It is no surprise that kids love playing games. When they're both educational and fun, it's a win-win, and a new game is making a huge splash.

A new game to get kids excited about math

Software Developer Jenna Hoffstein had this in mind when she created The Counting Kingdom for iOS.

This incredible math game stemmed from Hoffstein’s disappointment that there not many educational games on the market that were both fun and educational. Any that did exist were usually targeted at kids under the age of 6, with nothing for older kids who could benefit from the tools.

Making math an adventure

There are games that exist to help with math, but few, if any, could be considered "fun." Most games are essentially just flashcards enhanced to look like games.

“Educational games have an awful reputation,” Hoffstein said, “It’s very hard to convince people this is actually a fun game.”

With that in mind, she specifically intended forThe Counting Kingdom to be an engaging way to help hone their math skills.

This truly innovative product has since won awards, and proven that math and fun do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Taking every perspective into account

In The Counting Kingdom, you take on the role of a young wizard apprentice. As the wizard character journies through the game world, the player has to use math skills to fight monsters and save the kingdom. It's an epic adventure, but it also lets the player see first-hand how much progress they're making.

The game is extra special because it was developed with help from parents, teachers, and children, combining every perspective to make sure it's as enjoyable as it is informative.

This truly innovative product has since won awards, and proven that math and fun do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Key Takeaways:

Jenna Hoffstein developed a math game called The Counting Kingdom.
This game different manages to make a math lesson a fun adventure.
This innovate game has won awards for its fun approach to learning math.

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