Can math be fun in the classroom?

One teacher aims at this by implementing technology into the classroom.

Teacher Pours Love of Math Into Students by Elise Zwicky discusses how fourth grade teacher, Morgan Holmes made math fun and exciting. Thanks to a grant from Lowe's, and Holmes dedication to the state’s Common Core, 

  • The central Illinois teacher helped her students overcome the fear of math.
  • Improved the attitude of her class as it applies to math.

The school used the money to:

  • Buy technology and learning tools (iPads)
  • Establish a learning center

Students of all grades have benefited from the grant. The innovative teacher has been described as tireless and dedicated by her leadership team within the school district.

Common Core’s strength highlight student strategies for solving problems.

These strategies are broad enough that they can then be applied to other problems. This allows teachers to not have to teach a new method for every new problem. It gives students options for solving problems.

The benefits:

  • Makes the subject easier for the students. 
  • Helps them understand math in new ways.

The strategies have more benefits when taught early. This will lead to stronger math skills later in life.

Learning through gadgets improves the success rate in any given subject. It also prevents off any perpetual boredom.

Students rely on smartphones, computers, and tablets to entertain themselves. It is time schools use them to educate.

More classes are introducing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies.

  • Some school districts can even afford to distribute iPads or tablets to their students.
  • Others must rely on donations and grants to energize their students by learning through technology.

Key Takeaways:

Bring your own device to school for learning activities excite students.
Teaching children different strategies to solve problems has more advantages than teaching them one method.
Having extra tools for learning in the classroom such as iPads, can generate more interest.

Technology in the classroom gives children a better advantage of learning new subjects.

Holmes stated, "What I love about the Illinois Learning Standards is it gives students a great opportunity to explore and use their own thinking to solve a problem or find a way of doing something."  Holmes has seen the concept growing on her students. And thinks they understand math in a way they didn't before.

Learning through gadgets improves the success rate in any given subject. It also prevents perpetual boredom.

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