OT tool box, is a developmental plan, to help children with difficulty in learning. It was created with some major key points, in order to allow the child to have fun, and make them more confident in their learning path. These tools are an extremely important and valuable tool for any child with learning differences.

You do not need to have a large or expensive arrange of tools for exercises to assist with visual and motor skills; simple, sometimes free items can assist with the skills that are necessary to improve handwriting.

The main categories for the tool box are as follows: Gross Motor Warm Ups, warming up muscles to prepare for other assignments, Vision Skill Warm Ups, fun games to get them visually stimulated, Visual-Perception Work, tangrams, in which they can cut-out and color, Fine motor work, playing with putty, to help with skills, and functional handwriting tasks, which help to assist in practicing their writing skills.
They will bring in their worksheets that include small, unlined spaces; book reports that are not quite completed; or math and spelling sheets. These provide us with opportunities to work on spatial and editing skills, as well as discuss the areas that give them problems in class and at home.
~Katherine J. Collmer, M.Ed., OTR/L

Key Takeaways:

There is a variety of toys, gadgets and games to use in your handwriting teaching toolbox.
The areas of focus for the children are gross motor warm-ups, vision skills, visual-perceptual work, fine-motor skills and functional handwriting.
These games are conveniently downloadable as handouts in my Handwriting Development Assessment and Remediation book.

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