We have all learned to write. But how? Did you know that it is very important in several aspects of learning? Learning to write will also help your child learn to spell and read. Kids that learn to write in preschool have shown advanced academic development in second grade. Although in preschool it may begin with scribbles and it will develop into letters and the letters soon will be combined into words.
It does take a while for a child to develop the fine motor skills to bring their scribbles into words. A good way to help your child learn these words is to use games and make the learning fun. A writing race may be a fun activity to help your child stay focused and learn to write. There are several different types of games available to help your child develop their fine motor skills to write. So encourage your child when he scribbles, they are the precursor to words!
Handwriting is considered to serve a functional role in literacy. Its relevance to a child’s educational success is highlighted by the importance teacher’s place on its mastery, as evidenced by the large numbers of occupational therapy referrals that are based on handwriting needs.
~Katherine J. Collmer, M.Ed.

Key Takeaways:

Handwriting is supposed to serve as a functional role in literacy.
Handwriting should begin as early as pre-kindergarten to emphasize its mastery as a functional element in education.
The underlying components continue to develop as children experiment with scribbling, which turns into the development of pre-handwriting shape formation.

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