In your average day, how often do you use a keyboard? Now I want you to think about how often you write with a pen or pencil. Chances are with the way the world is taken over by technology, you use a keyboard more often then you use a pen or pencil.

“I think it’s important we use technology and the old ways to form and develop well-rounded children.”
~Meghan Jordan

Whether or not to teach cursive handwriting in schools is hotly debated.

However, does that mean that we should not teach our children and the children in schools through the education system how to write in cursive handwriting? This is the current debate across the country. Many states that it is no longer needed and others state that to teach the old ways are just as important to learn. Learn more here!

Key Takeaways:

Teaching cursive fell out of fashion after the Common Core standards no longer made it required.
Some states, such as Alabama and Louisiana, have made cursive mandatory, but in Maine, the decision is up to the individual schools.
Some teachers in Maine choose to continue teaching cursive, as they believe it can help get kids motivated to write and may be easier for those who struggle with fine motor skills.

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