Follow the story of one person who finally received a Dyslexia diagnosis. She previously thought that her problems were because she was too slow. But a Dyslexia diagnosis has changed much of that over the years. Now she looks at her life with an all-new perspective on the world.

Dyslexia explained everything. All the things I struggled with; reading, writing, and spelling (still my personal nemesis) were difficult because my brain was wired differently.
~Cat Rodie

Dyslexia is a label that can be overcome with support.

People appreciate having a diagnosis of their particular problem as needed. That helps them make an informed decision about what they need to do next. Dyslexia is a profound label and will keep people from advancing in school appropriately. Older people may also face certain challenges in their own lives.

Key Takeaways:

One person has a special story to tell regarding Dyslexia. They had felt like they were isolated and unlikely to succeed academically.
But a Dyslexia diagnosis actually changed all of that in recent years. Many people find that their reading ability is challenged when they receive a diagnosis.
Some people appreciate the diagnosis since it gives them a confirmation. People are pleased with the progress they make and follow their tutor with great interest.

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