In the interview with thirteen year old Amy, she describes her experience in school with receiving help to overcome dyslexia. She mentions wearing special glasses, being taken out of class, and other methods that were tried. She talks about her interests that go beyond reading and writing, and she encourages her audience to not be afraid.

Don't be afraid, everyone's's just a learning disability and be cool....tell everyone about it. - Amy, dyslexic student

Key Takeaways:

Amy–a dyslexic student–shared her experiences of having dyslexia. She was first diagnosed when she was 8 or 9 years old and received support–such as special reading classes.
She didn't allow her learning disability to hinder her from doing activities she enjoys–such as running, art, and hanging out with her friends.
Joining dyslexic groups can also help in coping with the difficulties; they can share and learn from each others experiences.

Amy talks about her dyslexia

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