No matter your major or your learning style, one of the most important and challenging parts of college across the board is note-taking. Thankfully, technology can offer a helping hand.

Note-taking: the foundation for college

Getting everything the professor says in class, while also paying attention, can be difficult. If you have trouble multitasking, or simply learn better through experience rather than as an auditory or visual learner, then taking notes may be a major hurdle to get past in the college experience. 

Thankfully, a number of apps and methods can ease this struggle. In fact, one old-fashioned way -- recording lectures -- can actually be done better nowadays, and can benefit students greatly!

A better way to record notes

Many students record lectures to revisit later. In fact, recording learning material allows some students to be competitive with the learning styles of their peers.

However, navigating long recordings can be daunting, and these huge files can take up lots of space on a device. For this, Cogi is a great alternative -- this app allows you to easily start and stop when you want to record something, instead of recording the entire lecture. It's low bandwidth and small in size, and also easy to navigate.

Recording learning material allows some students to be competitive with the learning styles of their peers.

Methods to help dyslexic note-takers

This recording app is particularly helpful when it comes to students with learning disabilities. With Cogi, students can have the information mapped out in a manner that simplifies the content.

While this method results in an unorthodox mind map for many neurotypical people, it can be helpful for students with certain learning disabilities. For example, these mind maps are easier for a student with dyslexia to read -- they because they arrange information by association rather than by conversations. 

So instead of paragraph-formatted notes or outlines, they can use this organization of material to understand it in a way that works better for their brain.

Key Takeaways:

Note-taking is imperative for college courses, but not everyone is good at it.
Recording lectures is a great alternative to note-taking.
Cogi is a helpful app to organize lecture recordings.

A personal story

As a college graduate and teacher, I've personally benefited from recording my class lectures. Not only did I learn from listening to the lectures in class, but also when played back later when studying!

While there are other expensive note-taking apps and resources on the market, being on a tight college budget is tough, so it's important to find free or inexpensive alternatives like Cogi.

Even though it requires discipline and organization, I highly recommend this technique to my students. It's easy to get distracted in class and miss key components from the lectures.

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