Writing class notes can be difficult to accomplish, pay full attention, and get everything the professor says. These days technology offers students a helping hand. It also ensures that we have a lot of options at our disposal. Long recordings can be hard to navigate and huge files especially with limited space on a computer.

Apps help with lecture notes

Paying extensive money for apps that are large and cumbersome for a phone are not needed. Cogi is an app that you can start and stop when you want to record something instead of the entire lecture. It is low bandwidth and small in size. It also easy to navigate.

Recording notes may help students with dyslexia.

  • Recording learning material allows students to be competitive with the learning styles of their peers.
  • It is then mapped out in a manner that simplifies the content.

This method results in an unorthodox mind map. However, it is helpful for students with learning disabilities.

These mind maps are easier for a student with dyslexia to read than paragraph formatted notes or outlines. This is because they arrange information by association rather than by conversations.

Key Takeaways:

Don't let your learning disability hold you back in class
Check out Cogi and similar services
Use technology If you struggle with note taking


There are several apps and online resources to help students master this technique of note taking. As a college graduate and teacher, I've personally benefited from recording my class lectures. Not only did I learn from listening to the lectures in class but also when played back later when studying. This a technique, even though it requires discipline and organization, is highly recommended to my students. It is easy to get distracted in class and miss key components from the lectures.

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