A personal video will capture the hearts of all viewers who see it. The speaker wants to tell people all about Dyslexia that should help viewers come to understand Dyslexia among students. These people want to find a place for themselves in the classroom that will make them feel more welcome and promising as young students.
The student wants to say that she isn’t stupid. There is a line between Dyslexia and stupidity among students. She simply isn’t one of them according to her latest video. Take her perspective on the growing number of students with Dyslexia on the whole which could change perspectives and help people achieve a better understanding.
author quote : “I am not stupid.I read better with color.”

Key Takeaways:

Students with Dyslexia want to make something clear if possible. They are not stupid, but rather have their own approach to learning. These students will make strides towards an educational goal with some effort.
Take the opportunity to learn more about each individual student. Their personalities are vital to understanding Dyslexia as a condition. Uses have left good feedback for the video, including the interview portion online.
Page views and good ratings are important for the video. Create a profile and leave good feedback for the team that appeared. Post comments and join the discussion whenever possible in an online format.

Dyslexia..... i'm not stupid

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