Diagnosing and treating dyslexia can be a challenging endeavor. The complexity of written language makes a direct diagnosis of the cause and attempts to gauge how well it's treated is very difficult. In fact, dyslexia is not a disorder that can be cured at all. Rather, it is a neurobiological variation -- dyslexics have a different kind of brain and a different way of learning. But that just means early detection is vital to help children overcome their difficulties.

Luckily, a child can be detected as dyslexic as early as kindergarden, and can soon live a fully functional and normal life. Early detection allows children to recieve the best possible intervention, and can help them ease their learning difficulties and improve self-esteem. While there is no medication or medical intervention for dyslexia, remedial intervention can systematically teach dyslexics and their brains to develop good reading and writing skills.

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"People with dyslexia can learn to read, write and spell as well as anyone. The earlier the intervention occurs certainly the better because of students get helped in kindergarten or in first grade they don't have to feel those unpleasant feelings of not being able to do what their classmates are able to do but it's never too late to teach them and they can learn to certainly read as accurately as anyone sometimes better than peers because they don't have to guess because they really do learn how the language works, they learn to comprehend at the highest levels." - Nancy Cushen White, M.Ed

Key Takeaways:

Dyslexia is not a disorder that can be cured. Rather, it is a neurobiological variation.
Early detection of dyslexia will help children receive the earliest intervention and help them ease the difficulties in learning.
There is no medication for dyslexia. A remedial intervention is needed.

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