New perspectives are always good to have when it comes to phonemic awareness. There is some new research that suggests dyslexia might actually be characterized by hypersensitivity to the many different nuances that language has. The problem could actually be with categorizing sounds and not anything else. The belief was always that the English language had forty-four very distinct sounds in it and this statement is not true because it actually has forty-four phonemes.

The Subtle Learning Difficulty of Dyslexia

Of course, it may be equally frustrating for the teacher, equipped with a brain that is insensitive to these nuances. To the teacher, that T is always a T; to the child, it may be very difficult to sort this all out.

Key Takeaways:

Allophones is the actual sounds we hear when we speak.
Phonemes are the abstract sounds when we talk. For example, Twin and Tree. Twin has the sound "T" but tree has the sound of "Ch".
Teachers and therapists will have a hard time teaching dyslexia if they fail to recognize the different sound structure.

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