Counselor Nicola Nardelli hosted a seminar to educate people about the learning issue called dyslexia. One in ten people are dyslexic, and she is one of those people. She has long struggled with her diagnosis, believing she was stupid and that something was wrong with her. Many dyslexics either become the class clown or they shrink into their bodies and try to remain invisible, hoping no one will ask them to speak.
Dyslexics actually have a higher IQ than non-dyslexics. They are very intelligent; they just struggle to read and write. They feel hopeless and sad because they are ridiculed. A high percentage turn to drugs or alcohol. It’s believed that at least 40% of prison inmates are dyslexic. Things need to change. People need to be aware of dyslexia.
Author “You start to believe that you are stupid”

Key Takeaways:

Councillor Nicola Nardelli, former mayor of the borough of Wandsworth, England, herself a dyslexic, hosted an event to discuss and disseminate information on dyslexia.
Ms. Nardelli discussed the many challenges that she and other dyslexics face every day, besides just reading—these included time management, poor planning skills and self doubt.
Ms. Nardelli goes on to shed light on the high IQ’s and general intelligence of dyslexics, despite their difficulty reading and writing.

Dyslexia for the Wise (Dyslexia Information Event Wandsworth 2016)

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