Follow one person’s story about their experience with Dyslexia during their lifetime. He was given extra time to complete tests and quizzes that need to be administered. Now he has advanced to college and plans to continue an education there. The story is an inspirational one and people are waiting to follow along as well.

Having dyslexia means I have a challenging time spelling out words, reading fluently and mix up my letters or numbers.
~Peyton Hutchens

Dyslexia makes reading difficult at any grade level.

Having Dyslexia means that people will struggle to read at their own grade level. That can actually hold students back and prevent them from acquiring the right skills. Homework and other routine tasks suddenly become more difficult than they can handle. Teachers are searching for ways to help Dyslexic students become a success story on their own.

Key Takeaways:

Having dyslexia means you have a hard time spelling out words and reading.
Dyslexia doesn’t mean you’re dumb or stupid it just means you have to work harder.
A person with dyslexia might say words backward every once in a while.

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