Gillian Anderson said she has been receiving therapy since she was 14-years-old. She talked about her struggles with mental health. She made comments on her memory struggles saying if asked about her favorite books she couldn’t remember what they were about. She had always been afraid to look into her fears on dyslexia.

The actress also revealed she was ‘afraid’ that memory problems mean she had dyslexia.
~JJ Nattrass

Gillian Anderson overcame dyslexia to be successful.

Gillian has three children. She is widely known for her acting in The X-Files and The Fall. There have been times in her life that she didn’t want to leave the house. She thought she was suffering from a learning disorder because of her memory struggles. She would take notes but couldn’t remember anything.

Key Takeaways:

Dyslexia can affect anyone, including those under bright lights and can make mental health a greater fear.
Initially, she had a hard time learning and recalling what she had learned in just a day’s time.
Memory struggles plagued her and she was afraid to find out if it was related to Dyslexia only because she had struggled with other issues relating to mental health and memory.

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