An unfortunate pattern exists in London related those who have learning disabilities such as dyslexia. According to BBC London, many employers in the city have an unfortunate history in undervaluing prospective applicants who have dyslexia. Not only is this pattern devastating to the self-confidence of a person with dyslexia, it creates a personal hardship.
Many London citizens who have dyslexia are forced to look in other countries for gainful employment, such as Germany. Other countries have better recognized the strengths that dyslexics can bring to workplace with their unique perspectives. Even so, employers in London have begun to turn a corner and are starting to recognize that dyslexics have many positives to offer.
Author “In my experience, when you speak to people like Branson, or other people who are entrepreneurial and who are dyslexic, they think very much out of the box. So it’s actually quite beneficial to have somebody there who thinks slightly differently. Now, whether that person can spell properly or not, I would say most people in business working can’t spell anyway, because we all rely on our computers so much now anyway. But I don’t think it costs anything to give someone a chance. You can give them a couple of months trial anyway. So give it a go, and you might be–and you probably will be–very pleasantly surprised.”

Key Takeaways:

Many citizens of London who have dyslexia have noted that finding employment is difficult because London employers do not recognize their vocational value.
The news story chronicles some personal stories of that struggle as dyslexic people strive for gainful employment.
The tide is starting to turn as employers are beginning to recognize the value of dyslexic employees who think outside the box.

Helping people with dyslexia find work - BBC London News

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