Is it possible to create a system specifically dedicated to helping your child learn sight words? This video from Dyslexic and Unstoppable introduces their "Learning the Sight Words" product for for dyslexic learners, a system created by an MD and RN. As the creators have their own dyslexic son, they have learned how to help he and other dyslexics form the associations needed to learn sight words.

The program includes downloadable flashcards, and a step-by-step method for learning that your child to follow. They also incorporated the need for multi-sensory methods for dyslexics. The system created is based both on scientific research and their own son’s experience, and works in multiple languages, and has potential to make a huge difference in dyslexic children's lives.

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"We're just trying to talk about ways of involving multiple sides of the brain to help the information crossover from the language center which is over the left side of the brain." - Dr. Douglas Curtiss

Key Takeaways:

Dyslexic and Un-stoppable introduced their "Learning the Sight Words Product" for dyslexic learners. The course is based on their research as they help their own dyslexic child.
Learning the Sight Word product includes downloadable flashcards, step-by-step procedure or method of learning for your child to follow.
They also incorporated the need for multi-sensory methods for dyslexics.

Learning The Sight Words For Dyslexia

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