When Jill discovered that her son David was struggling with reading she did what any good mom would do. She started researching. Suspecting dyslexia, she went to work looking for a good dyslexia screener. Hitting up Google, what she found was dismal.

Covers All Types of Dyslexia

Although there were a lot of screeners available, after trying a few she noticed that most were just a few simple questions then a request for her name and phone number. Filling these out she would always be sent to a page saying someone would call with the results, only to be called by a high-pressure salesman. These salesmen offered her expensive services, but no answers.


Having done her research on dyslexia she already knew that there were several different types. Yet these all seemed to look only for the same thing. Mostly phonological dyslexia. And most seemed to indicate a result of dyslexia no matter what you input. Seemed a little rigged.


What Jill really wanted was some help, and it didn’t seem like that’s what she was going to get with what was available.


Situations like Jills are why Learning Success has recently launched a new dyslexia screener. This unique screener not only helps differentiate between the types of dyslexia, it also offers suggestions as to how to help.



Simple to Use

The screener is a simple questionnaire. So no need to run the child through a battery of tests. The questions are designed to pinpoint where the trouble spots are, based upon where the child is having trouble, other related symptoms, and behaviors.


There are 33 questions but they are simple check the box type questions. It only takes a few minutes.



I was looking for answers, not a sales pitch! This screener gave me answers

Free and Helpful

And best of all a full report is emailed to you within 10 minutes. This report not only includes whether or not there is a high possibility of dyslexia but also the type of dyslexia and what steps a parent can do to remediate the problem.


It is not an official doctors diagnosis but it is free and very helpful (an official diagnosis typically starts at around $1200). It offers suggestions you can start today.


Key Takeaways:

Sends comprehensive report in minutes
Simple and easy to use
Offers suggestions

If you have a child that you suspect may have dyslexia it’s definitely worth your time to fill the simple questionnaire out and get answers quickly. Being better educated on where the problem actually is can go a long ways towards fixing it.


It’s a great tool, share it with your friends.


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