Step into the shoes of a real person that has dealt with Dyslexia before now. Living with Dyslexia will introduce many significant challenges that people might not expect. People have stories to tell and advice to offer when it comes to the learning difference. That could influence decisions made by people from all backgrounds as well too.

Dyslexia is a neurological disorder that makes it more difficult for students to read or write. Students with dyslexia often learn to read later than most students.
~Halie Brown

People with learning differences like dyslexia face many challenges ahead.

Sometimes people with Dyslexia will skip whole lines of text in a book. They try to read, but they don’t have the skills necessary to do that. Find out some secrets that could help people with Dyslexia in the long run. Students need to take the learning difference seriously during their studies that can help them advance in grade level over time.

Key Takeaways:

Now a junior in college, Eli Barton, who has dyslexia, couldn’t read until he was nine years old.
If it isn’t diagnosed, dyslexia can cause a child to fall behind in school, suffer poor self-esteem, or even drop out.
For those with dyslexia, the key to successfully overcoming it is to figure out how one learns.

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