Read the research behind a theory that attempts to understand Dyslexia among people. Dyslexia is a disorder that generally makes it harder to read content on the whole. It is estimated that Dyslexia currently affects between 5% to 17% of the world’s population on the whole. That proves that the disorder is a significant challenge that people will need to understand.

Dyslexia, a disorder causes a general difficulty in reading, pronouncing, and putting meanings to words, affects somewhere between 5 to 17 percent of the population.

Eye issues may be directly related to dyslexia.

Eye dominance issues may be to blame for Dyslexia and how people learn to read. A dominant eye might make it easier for younger students to learn some basic reading skills. Dyslexic students seem to have artificial eye dominance that may be to blame. Further research will identify whether that really is the source of the problem itself.

Key Takeaways:

Dyslexia has confounded both parents and teachers for years now. Research has honed in on several important details that have to be examined.
Dyslexia actually affects between 5 to 14 percent of the population in all. That is a significant factor and researchers are working to understand why too.
Researchers seem to be confident in the results of the information that they publish. Surprisingly, research focused on Dyslexia point to problems other than the brain.

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