We've always thought of learning disabilities as something we have to live with, but is it possible to completely get rid of them?

Anyone who has struggled with a learning disability knows the process -- you're diagnosed, then you make the accommodations for the rest of your life. And when a child goes through the educational system differently, they may see themselves going through the system deficiently, thus growing into adulthood with low self-esteemMany parents feel uncertain about even testing their child for a disability given the stigma that so often comes with it.

Eliminating, not accomodating

Part of the disability stigma is all about the child having to live life differently. So what if the disability is only a temporary hold-up?

According to an article on Komonews, researchers are looking into changing the common method. In fact, Eaton Arrowsmith Academy in Redmond, Washington has a completely different way of looking at disabilities. They don’t focus on accommodating disabilities, they focus on getting rid of them. While the research is still underway, what we know now -- and what we can teach our children -- is that the brain is malleable, a state known as "neuroplasticity." When we learn a new skill, we literally change the makeup of our brain.

When we learn a new skill, we literally change the makeup of our brain.

A new method

Eaton Arrowsmith Academy is trying to hone in on changing brain makeup in this fashion. Essentially, they are changing the brain through focused activities, such as "tracing symbols and speed reading time on a clock." These excercises are fairly intense, allowing for bursts of brain activities on a subject before moving on to next. Researchers hope this would then translate into improved skills in the students' traditional subjects. The research has supported major breakthroughs for students, showing that by persevering and learning, it's possible to work yourself out of the strict confines of a diagnosis.

Key Takeaways:

Our current method of accommodating disabilities often harms self-esteem.
Our brain is malleable, and and can be changed through brain exercises.
Researchers are looking into what specific exercises can potentially get rid of learning disabilities.

With a malleable brain, you can change how you learn too! In fact, the Learning Success System offers specific brain exercises and games you can do with your child to improve their learning, and we'd love to help you discover them.

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