Most people take the ability to read for granted. Students with Dyslexia view something other people see as simple as a “super power.” Teachers with experience education Dyslexic children can be an enormous aid to children who are in a position to fight for what comes naturally to many other children.
If you know a student who shows symptoms of Dyslexia there are more resources than ever before to help them get started with constructive approaches to reading success. ky.dyslexiaida.org which is associated with the COPIA foundation is one such resource. Parents and students can be connected with the help they need.
If your family is struggling with dyslexia, there’s help.

Key Takeaways:

Dysleia can be a super power if students are motivated.
Teachers can teach dyslexic children to read.
There are many resources to help parents and teachers instruct their students.

Superpower Dyslexia Video Kentucky

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