Dyslexia can be an immensely frustrating disorder to deal with. In many cases, children with dyslexia can become easily agitated when they aren't able to do a simple task because of this disorder, particularly because it's harder for them to put things in the right order. This video hones in on a specific difficulty that, while natural for many people, some dyslexics have trouble with: tying their shoes.

Many dyslexics have trouble handling laces on their shoes, and have to expend much of their energy and focus on that task rather than many more important ones. As such, a simple way to help a dyslexic child focus energy onto other tasks could be to use a different type of shoe, such as velcro, which doesn't require shoelaces. Choosing the right shoes is a simple but effective energy saver for dyslexics, reducing stress, and keeping their focus in reading.

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Get rid of energy leaks in the clothing by getting shoes that are easy to do.

Key Takeaways:

One of the common difficulties of dyslexic children is tying their shoes.
The video shows different types of shoes that can be used without shoelaces.
Choosing the right shoe is a simple but effective energy saver for dyslexics.

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