The members of the Utah YES group speak about their experiences with learning disabilities and how it has shaped them personally. YES stands for Youth Examples of Self Advocacy. All members of this group have learning disabilities and many of them have problems with dyslexia. All members of the group are staunch advocates of self-empowerment.
The members of the group claim that their association with YES has provided them with the confidence to seek the help that they need, so that the can succeed in the classroom and in life. They believe that groups like YES are important, because they provide positive examples for all students who have disabilities and show the importance in asking for help.
Author “When i found out I had Dyslexia, it made it easier for me to know what was holding me back.”

Key Takeaways:

YES stands for Youth Examples of Self Advocacy.
This group of students are those who have learning disabilities and are championing others with disabilities to embrace their condition and ask for the help they need.
This group provides a great example of positive energy and positive peer pressure for both dyslexic and non-dyslexic students.

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