The Dyslexia Center of Utah offers some advice about the condition. The Sutherland Institute sought out local educators interested in the project. The project is called “You Got Schooled”, which hopes to spread awareness about Dyslexia. Take the perspective of educators who are genuinely concerned with student progress. That perspective could teach people the basics of Dyslexia.
An interview is provided to give people a renewed look at the condition itself. The center is located in Cedar Hills and caters to the needs of students. Learning to read is a goal of the school itself, helping students advance along the way. Watch the interview and get up to date on the goals of the institute.
“We believe every child deserves access to whatever unique services they need to learn.”

Key Takeaways:

You Got Schooled is a social media initiative that highlights education programs.
The Dyslexia Center of Utah is a non-profit dedicated to helping children learn to read.
Dyslexia is the most common learning disability and often goes undiagnosed.

You Got Schooled: Dyslexia Center of Utah

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