Good education starts at home but it is developed further in schools. How can children with dyscalculia progress in classrooms? Dyscalculia is a lesser-known disability related to dyslexia. It impairs one’s ability to comprehend anything that is mathematical in nature. Like dyslexia, it can indeed affect a person’s functioning in daily life severely. During the time that dyslexia was getting to be known as a learning difficulty with certain consequences, “numerical dyslexia” was still unfamiliar and misinterpreted. Dyscalculia can affect peoples’ ability to process simple mathematical calculations and read numbers correctly. While teachers still deny the fact of such disability, they have limited solving the problem with dyscalculics by giving remedial classes just to catch up. Today, there are “disability aids” are readily available to people with dyslexia and dyscalculia. Modern technology in the form of spell checkers, computer programs that “read” words to you, and calculators, can take much of the burden of not being able to read and spell, or do mathematics, away. The simplest way to help these children is to let them use the calculator when solving mathematical problems. The key to solving the problems encountered by pupils with these disabilities lies in accepting them and offering them the aids they need. The Equality Act 2010 gives disabled people the right to reasonable adjustments to help them function in any public setting. Let this right be implemented right in the classroom for pupils with dyscalculia and related disabilities!

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