Retraining the brain transforms lives. The children I have used these techniques with have improved significantly, not only academically, but socially, emotionally, and behaviorally as well. When the brain becomes balanced and wired correctly then kids can learn and succeed as nature intended. The techniques that I use are based on over thirty years of research on how the brain works. The foundational work in this area was done by two medical doctors, Glenn and Robert Doman, and an educator, Carl Delacoto. These men were trying to find out how head injury patients could recover functions that were lost, such as reading and writing. Their findings brought the conclusion that the brain develops through stimulation and that children are not born “wired” for all tasks at birth. They become wired for these tasks by doing certain physical activities as they develop. The doctors discovered that creeping, crawling, exploring, examining, looking, and listening were the activities that helped to integrate the brain for reading, writing, and math later in life. So, if a child didn’t crawl enough as an infant, then he/she might not be reading well because the necessary wiring in the brain did not take place at the correct developmental stage. To correct a learning issue, you must go back and correct the deficits in the developmental process. By using brain retraining techniques, the brain can be “rewired” for proper, efficient learning. Doman and Delacato’s research showed that approximately 80% of American children pass through the necessary developmental stages as they should. That leaves 20% of the children in our country who are left struggling in school, most of which are boys. If the brain isn't working correctly, then learning problems crop up. The information presented to the student doesn't connect. There is a blockage of sorts. The question remains, can the brain be taught to process information corretly? Yes, it can. With a series of activities that actually rewire the malfunctioning wiring, the brain can be taught to learn efficiently as intended by nature. As a parent or teacher, you don't have to just accept a diagnosis about a learning problem. You can use these time tested techniques that only take about 20 minutes once a week to do and rewire a student's brain for learning.

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