Dr Carole Liebrman Has Answers For IEP Questions
IEP is something that many people have issues with and Dr. Carole Lieberman is someone that has approached IEP from two angles. She works as a psychiatrist and thinks that parents should not be afraid to stand up and ask for an IEP and that is a problem that a lot of parents have. They may think that their child does not need it and other kids need it more. Parents can have too much pride.
Sometimes parents have too much pride to ask for an IEP.

Key Takeaways:

There is a real issue with time and money but your child shouldn't get lost between the cracks.
Both parents should come to the IEP because there is strength in numbers.
Prepare your child so they won't feel as though they are singled out or dumb.

IEP Answers - Dr Carole Lieberman

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