The IEP Is A Great Tool That Parents Can Use To Promote Educational Habits Among Their Children.
When it comes to IEP, people need to be accountable for each other and the ones in charge. There are a lot of stresses that are there for people that are dealing with IEP. It is normal to be stressed and it is important to be prepared to deal with all of the steps that are necessary for the program. You should ask all of the important questions to make sure that your kids are gonna be taken care of.
Some of the questions you should consider asking are about specific curriculum.

Key Takeaways:

Asking questions will help to make progress in learning for kids.
Having specific team members is important for they will be in charge of the services.
You need to be able to keep your student and their tutors accountable.

IEP Answers - Schimri Yoyo

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