Overcoming Struggles
A person gives a brief description of individualized education plans. She gives an overview of how they customize education. She introduces a speaker. The main speaker is a high school English teacher with a lot of IEP experience. She offers some tips on how to advocate for one's own child. She advises people to say thank you. And she talks in-depth about some of the difficulties a child can go through in school as a result of their learning difficulties. She also advises parents to stay in close contact with educators and administrators in order to get the right diagnosis. She even advises bringing in other adults to add input. She also offers advice to stay positive.
When you bring your child into the meeting it helps the teachers get a better picture of what they are struggling with.

Key Takeaways:

A child's behavior can distract parents and teachers from the real impairment that is really going on.
If kids aren't trying to do their homework it actually shows a level of frustration.
Let your your child hear you saying nice things about them like what they're good at.

IEP Answers - Emily Morrison

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