Could learning disorders like dyslexia, ADHD, and anxiety be contributed to inner ear issues? It sounds like it would be unrelated, but all can be linked to phobias derived from the inner ear: fear of motion, driving, or heights are all due to a person’s personal perception caused by the inner ear. ADHD and dyslexia have also been connected to inner ear complications. If patients receive treatment for the inner ear problem, their anxieties and other phobias could cease.

Luckily, you can develop balance and coordination through mind body exercises and medication. It stands to reason that incorporating the other balance systems would greatly improve the condition also. As a matter of fact we have seen that for years and years and is the reason we created the Learning Success System. The motions from the special form of Kung Fu that we teach are the best we have seen for developing balance and coordination.

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Sensory motor exercises and all sorts of balance and coordination exercises can improve not only ADHD but dyslexia and other problems as well.

Key Takeaways:

Balance and coordination is related to fear
Fear shuts down learning
You can develop balance and coordination through mind body exercises
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