Judy Hanning / Apr 26, 2023
The teachers are the ones who help in shaping the lives of future generations by enhancing their skills and encouraging them to pursue their dream. This infographic shows just the value of teachers...Read more
Judy Hanning / Apr 26, 2023
At what age should a child learn how to apologize? Research shows that children as young as the age of four can understand the emotional implications of an apology. They can understand that an...Read more
Judy Hanning / Apr 19, 2023
Graphic created by Master Pieces, Inc Our brains are complex miracles of nature. Although still not fully understood, a lot of research has been conducted to try and understand the brain’s...Read more
Judy Hanning / Apr 18, 2023
Dyslexia is a learning disorder that primarily affects the skills involved in fluent and accurate word reading and spelling. Characteristic features of dyslexia are verbal memory, difficulties in...Read more
Judy Hanning / Apr 18, 2023
How do young children in early childhood classrooms learn from inclusive environments where all kids with and without disabilities are welcomed and fully participate? Encouraging inclusivity has...Read more
Judy Hanning / Apr 16, 2023
This beautiful infographic was created to show the four major reasons why reading graphic novels is beneficial for students. Graphic novels are created to help sharpen promote vocabulary acquisition...Read more
Judy Hanning / Apr 16, 2023
For a student to have a great-quality academic career, one must have a high-quality education from preschool, kindergarten, and first grade, particularly in reading. Kids who do not develop basic...Read more
Judy Hanning / Apr 14, 2023
Talking, playing sound, word games, singing, reading, drawing, and writing with your child are great ways to lay a good literacy foundation. The great news is that everyday activities, like bath time...Read more
Judy Hanning / Apr 12, 2023
Adult learning theories can have a positive impact on adult learning experiences both in the classroom and at work. Adult learners are an important resource because they bring the richness and...Read more
Judy Hanning / Apr 11, 2023
Playing outside allows your child the chance to explore the natural environment and have adventures. Children really progress more when they are outside. Outside play helps your child express...Read more