Some people might be genuinely good at math, whereas others may struggle with the subject. Learn a little about the people who have excelled at math in the past. They have developed a love of learning that continues to help them at every stage. That is a great model for how others can start to learn about math as a subject.

The fear of having to do geometry or algebra or remember a ton of equations often places people between a rock and a hard place.
~Marjan Hussein

Teachers help students who struggle with math and help them succeed.

There are some born good at math, while others may feel hesitant about the subject overall. Try to understand why some people may simply fear math in their school. Understand that fear and try to cope with it over time as well. Teachers are a great resource and want to see their students succeed in math.

Key Takeaways:

Many people flinch at the idea of having to do the math and the fear of having to do math might affect your ability to do the math.
It appears that some people are good at math as an innate trait while others are not.
Another view is that young people today avoid math and rely solely on technology.

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