The SAT is stressful for students as it is, but imagine relying on your scores to get into college when you have dyscalcula? 
Dyscalculia causes severe difficulties in seeing numbers and processing mathematics -- and math, of course, is a major part of the SAT. This video features a compelling story of a student with dyslexia, and the struggles he faced. For example, some programs and tutors charge thousands of dollars for services, and that just doesn't work for families on a tight budget. 
It's important to remember that students with dyscalculia can make progress in the right settings. So if you or your child has dyscalculia, don't despair! SAT scores are just one metric that can be used to track student performance. And there are numerous stories of children with dyscalculia sharing their perspectives, too.
To find out the creative solutions this student's family came up with, watch the video below!
I scored better this time in the math section!

Key Takeaways:

Students with dyscalculia share compelling stories about living with the disorder.
It is possible for students with dyscalculia to make progress in the academic setting.
SAT scores are just one metric that can be used to track student performance.

A Life With Dyscalculia/ SAT Scores

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