The Struggle Of Dyscalculia
Dyscalculia is a tough thing to deal with for everyone who has it. Dealing with Dyscalculia makes learning and performing math look a lot like learning a brand new foreign language. It does not compute well. Dyscalculia makes it very tough to understand numbers and also makes it hard to remember numbers. Doing simple tasks like addition and subtraction are also very difficult for those who suffer from it. Telling time and tardiness are two other things that are tough with this condition.
To someone with Dyscalculia, learning and performing math is like trying to understand a new, foreign language.

Key Takeaways:

Doing math is like trying to decipher a new foreign language to people with Dyscalculia.
Dyscalculia makes it very hard to understand and remember different numbers.
People with Dyscalculia struggle with telling what time it is and leads to tardiness.

What Is Dyscalculia?

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