Is your child intelligent but not easily fit into a mold?

Those who learn a little differently may fall through the cracks in a common core system. As a parent, a little knowledge will help you help your child in the best way possible.

The Common Core curriculum uses the same objectives for every student. Because of its rigidity, those struggling will be pressed to speed up; those excelling will quickly get bored. There is a lack of uniqueness in the classroom under this initiative, leading us to wonder if this is actually beneficial for young students.

Standardization can lead to lack of drive

The Common Core State Standards Initiative was set up with specific goals for students to reach. But achievement is based only on students reaching the same point. This allows high-performing students to coast; it also doesn’t reward improvement.


Not rewarding improvement eliminates a students most important skill. Grit, the drive to push through. Desire is a part of grit and without the push for constant improvement, desire is crushed. Creating a "just-get-by" mentality that can never lead to success, only failure.


Judging students on a pass-fail basis overlooks the fact that students don’t start or end at the same place. Instead of focusing only on achieving top grades, we need a system that measures growth which would benefit all students. Measuring that would help students by ensuring that teachers are focused on meeting individual goals based on abilities.

Does conformity lead to success?

Let’s look at what is trending in schools.

Uniforms have crept in over the last twenty years.

Restrictions on hair, socks, etc. have been put in place.

The qualities that make children unique are slowly deteriorating to make way for policies and procedures. Students are not defined by their test scores, shoe styles, or hair-do. Children should be unique thinkers.They should feel safe while being themselves.

We need to move away all the rigid rules that box students and their abilities. A new mindset where improvement matters more than grades might just be what we need.

Progress, not perfection

To improve education in the US, we need to move away all the rigid rules that box students and their abilities. A new mindset where improvement matters more than grades might just be what we need.


This is especially important for students who don't fit the mold. Trying to force these students into a set way of learning that fits the average will only tell them that something is wrong with them.


Because they won't fit this mold they will likely assume they are unintelligent. Their self-confidence will be diminished and they will likely stop trying. Instead, using their intelligence to create avoidance tactics. These avoidance tactics will likely stay with them for their entire lives and be the prime determiner of their success in education, work, and relationships.


Ther's a lot at risk by forcing divergent learners to learn in a standardized way.

Key Takeaways:

Growth and improvement is the critical factor for education
Focus should not solely be on grades, but self-improvement
It's important for parents to determine if how the school system is teaching is appropriate for their child

Is the School Helping?

Parents can easily educate themselves in how to help a divergent learner, or any child for that matter. By understanding simple principles they can make the right choices for their child and know if what the school system is doing is helping or harming their child.

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