UEA president is saying that it might not be the best year for kids academically, but students are learning great life lessons amid this pandemic. There have been many challenges for kids who are learning during these strange times. One lady has said that academics should not be the focus for people right now. Schools are facing a lot of different issues in all of the different communities across the nation and that is a big thing.

Life Lessons

While the pandemic has disproportionately affected students, the research from the Northwest Evaluation Association suggests U.S. students made some learning gains in both reading and math. However, gains in math were lower – on average.

Key Takeaways:

The president of UEA wants people to know certain things. He admits that it isn't the greatest academically.
The students are still a top priority, however. UAE prides itself on helping the students progress.
Life lessons are always taught in UAE today. The students are important and will be helped in time.

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