Dyslexia is the most well known learning disability. Most of the adult today who suffered from it had difficulty in reading when they were children even leading up to adult age. Children from Wisconsin who have dyslexia will be fortunate enough because they have help on the way via the two dyslexia bills in Madison.

Hope for Wisconsin Kids Dealing with Dyslexia from First Dyslexia Legislation

The bill that was introduced would employ a dyslexia expert and the bill that will help in developing a dyslexia guidebook. Right now the process of the bills becoming laws is still in the preliminary stages. If the bills would pass, these will help the kids be taught the right way at an early age and for the kids to not be left behind in school.
It can be really hard getting help, too, because a lot of schools won’t test for dyslexia or even acknowledge it’s a problem, in part because of how expensive it is to treat it.

Key Takeaways:

Children with dyslexia have trouble reading and spelling.
Children with dyslexia need to be taught how to read using both sight words and phonetics.
Schools end up needing to be forced by law to provide children with dyslexia the learning environment they need.

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