Omega-3 fatty acids appear to have a beneficial effect on cognitive growth. According to current research theories, omega-3s bolster and promote the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. In order to test this hypothesis, scientists took a number of mice and separated them into two groups, one with an omega-3-rich diet (O3+) and the other with an omega-3-poor diet (O3-).

 Said mother mice with child and their male offspring were provided with one of a number of combinations of diet including “omega-3 deficient (O3-) or omega-3 supplemented (O3+) diet” and various measurements of mouse behaviors were undertaken as well as studies pertinent to what was going in their poo(p) from a bacterial perspective.

The results found by the scientists running the tests have several interesting applications. Omega-3s are already well known for supporting mental health; adding the benefits of stronger cognitive development on top of that only gives us more reason to eat them. More importantly, however, are the potential applications when it comes to supporting gut bacterial growth. This area of human biology remains relatively fertile soil for discovering new insights on how our bodies work.
Outside of the somatic health benefits associated with appropriate omega-3 fatty acid ratios are the various ‘psychological’ benefits that might also be linked. Examples include the link between fatty acids and [some] cases of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or ADHD-type symptoms.
~Paul Whitely

Key Takeaways:

Some fatty acids change the way bacteria and mice digest food.
These changes are subtle but important.
Omega-3 acids are important for humans.

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