Judy Hanning / Sep 13, 2017
How you write definitely have something to say about you and you wouldn't want to commit these simple but tricky grammar mistakes. Check out if you are committing these 15 Grammar Goofs and how to correct it.Read more
Judy Hanning / Aug 9, 2017
Do you know what grammar goofs that make you look silly? Read about this information from the infograph.Read more
Judy Hanning / Jul 30, 2017
You need to follow a quick interview with parents. Their children may have been affected.Read more
Hannah Roberts / Jul 7, 2017
Dyslexia affects more than reading. Learn how to teach writing to a dyslexic (and how it can be a faster approach to solving other issues)Read more
Judy Hanning / Jun 21, 2017
Do you know what Dysgraphia is? Understand more about Dysgraphia in this video!Read more
Judy Hanning / Apr 3, 2017
So cute to see an 11 year old girl with Dyslexia get the chance to interview an expert in the field. In front of a big audience and cameras to boot!Read more
Judy Hanning / Sep 25, 2016
When you can't remember something, write it down. The benefits of writing are endless!Read more
Judy Hanning / Sep 18, 2016
Have you ever wondered what you handwriting says about you? How about your signature? Your handwriting indicates more than 5,000 different personality traits!Read more
Judy Hanning / Sep 16, 2016
Captivating an audience can easily be done by following these 7 steps.Read more
Judy Hanning / Sep 15, 2016
Are you making one of these mistakes when you teach language arts?Read more
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