Whenever a child does not get what he wants or needs, he whines. Whining is how our children react whenever they cannot get things done in the way they want. For most parents, when you hear a child whining it can become irritating. But we must keep in mind that as parents, we must be able to deal with how our child whines properly.

10 ways to stop your child complains

There are helpful phrases that parents can use to address their children's whining. One particular response is to let them know that they should be nicer when their child tells them that they are mean. If the parents are able to properly deal with their child's whining, then both will have a calm and relaxed day together.
Using these responses, you immediately connect with your child’s inner greatness and center your child back with who they really are!

Key Takeaways:

Trying to recognize what he was doing right I said, “You picked a smaller rock because you thought that was safer.”
Again trying to notice his strengths I said, “You want to show me how careful you can be! You want to show me you know how to be safe with a big rock!”
Then I would get all huffy and frustrated because I viewed him as defiant and ungrateful.

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